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galaxy 3


got the samsung galaxy 3 Apollo

just amazing tech


Which is the Worst Google Service?

Poll for the Worst Google Service.

How to Open Tata Sky Remote

My Tatasky remote was not working properly so, I tried to open it and find it really difficult in compare to other TV DVD remotes, so I searched for the articles and help for this online. I gone through some online tips and tricks and finally Opened tat monster remote.

here is the step by step instruction with Images how to Open Sky Remote.

1. remove battery cover and remove first screw.

2. Dont start Opening the Remote now, there is one more hidden screw behind the laser lens compartment.
Use the hairdryer to get the plastic case as warm as possible. This makes it more flexible. Now twist it in your hands and see where the split line is. You should be able to insert a small penknife blade and gently lift the plastic shell away from the clips. Work carefully around the perimeter with the blade. The battery compartment is often the weakest point if the moulding is very narrow at the corners. Take extra care here or you will break it!

3. Once the two shells are apart you can see the printed circuit board which contains the components. There are copper tracks insulated with green epoxy resin and, either conductive black resin contacts, or gold-plated contacts. Against the contact side of the board is the silicone rubber keypad moulding. The tips of the buttons contain conductive powder which is designed to connect the board contact pairs together electrically when pressed into contact.



here is some other article links


CO.CC:Free Domain - www.Co.cc

Remove Ad from Site

There are many ways to save to Bandwidth and Increasing speed of your Internet connections , Here is some of Tip . so you can Increases speed by Blocking some of the content of the Page and allow other to Load..

The First tip is to Block Ad. on the Site which take much time . some time even more than original content,

1. For this You have to Use Firefox.. yes its Faster and Secure than internet Explorer. If you are using net from Internet cafe.. please use Firefox.

Here is Global stat of the Internet.



You can see form the chart that How Firefox is Getting Popularity.

And it is available on Mac. Linux and Windows..

For Blocking Advertisement on the Website we need to Use Add to Firefox.  we need to Install  Add on from


Then go to this Link for Ad Block Plus Plug in.


When you click Install Add On.. then pop-up message will be there.


Click on Install Now..

After Installation restart Firefox..

Then Add Filter to list.


Here is The Screen Shot of  Indiatimes Website looks with Adblock in FireFox.


Click on the Image see Full Preview..

And here in The Google Chrome how the Ugly Add looks.



Feel the Difference after Using and Increase your browsing speed. and time.

If you like more Help the Please comment I will ready to Reply you.

Here is Another Great

Flash Block .. I always use it To stop any Unwanted Flash Animation

Never be annoyed by a Flash animation again! Blocks Flash so it won’t get in your way, but if you want to see it, just click on…

Flashblock is an extension for the Mozilla, Firefox, and Netscape browsers that takes a pessimistic approach to dealing with Macromedia Flash content on a webpage and blocks ALL Flash content from loading. It then leaves placeholders on the webpage that allow you to click to download and then view the Flash content.
Flashblock currently blocks the following content types:
* Macromedia Flash
* Macromedia Shockwave
* Macromedia Authorware
Our public support forums can be accessed via:
our mailing list: http://www.mozdev.org/mailman/listinfo/flashblock
or newsgroup: news://news.mozdev.org/public.mozdev.flashblock



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