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How to Open Tata Sky Remote

My Tatasky remote was not working properly so, I tried to open it and find it really difficult in compare to other TV DVD remotes, so I searched for the articles and help for this online. I gone through some online tips and tricks and finally Opened tat monster remote.

here is the step by step instruction with Images how to Open Sky Remote.

1. remove battery cover and remove first screw.

2. Dont start Opening the Remote now, there is one more hidden screw behind the laser lens compartment.
Use the hairdryer to get the plastic case as warm as possible. This makes it more flexible. Now twist it in your hands and see where the split line is. You should be able to insert a small penknife blade and gently lift the plastic shell away from the clips. Work carefully around the perimeter with the blade. The battery compartment is often the weakest point if the moulding is very narrow at the corners. Take extra care here or you will break it!

3. Once the two shells are apart you can see the printed circuit board which contains the components. There are copper tracks insulated with green epoxy resin and, either conductive black resin contacts, or gold-plated contacts. Against the contact side of the board is the silicone rubber keypad moulding. The tips of the buttons contain conductive powder which is designed to connect the board contact pairs together electrically when pressed into contact.



here is some other article links


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Comments on: "How to Open Tata Sky Remote" (11)

  1. thanks for taking the time… that hidden screw was making my life hard …

    i dont have a website so i put a random youtube clip in there lol

  2. Prasad.S said:

    Thank you for the info.
    Its really helpful to open the tatasky remote control.
    The black cover which hides the second screw (as shown in the figure 2 ) will come out easily if you just press down and push it upwards.

  3. Nirendra Nagar said:

    Thanks. It helped me in opeing my remote.

  4. Brilliant, Thankyou for your efforts i’m very grateful, once again Thanks.

  5. i was suspicious about that hidden screw bcoz of that groove to press..it was confirmed by this post..thanks.it was easy then

  6. Thanks it helped me in opening my Tata Sky remote

  7. oh hello!? this comment up there is spam..i haven’t commented or even seen this blog or watever

  8. You need to program the TATASKY remote in order to control your tv

  9. red light is signal on any time how to off this light

  10. Piyush deo said:

    I want to get the information that how could i factory reset my TATASKY remote control. where the remote not working & red light also not glowing

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